Blue Economics was founded in 2010 with the idea that people can come together and volunteer their talents in more ambitious projects than the ones traditionally done. BE leverages the skills, experiences, knowledge, and networks of its members to develop solutions to issues and problems that prevent the economic advancement of individuals and communities. All projects and efforts are guided by three principles:



1)    Decisions are based on Economic Theory – Economics provides us with ideas such as Cost/Benefit Analysis, Opportunity Cost, Division of Labor and Marginal Rate of Return to ensure that all projects are efficiently designed and executed to maximize results and minimize the cost. The greatest cost for each project is the time of its volunteers.


2)    No Politics – Politics pushes people apart and slows progress. It mires productivity and communication. No project is based on political or religious ideology.



3)    No Money – All members are volunteers with no monetary expectations. BE is not 501c and will not accept donations or grants. Funding for projects are done with partnerships with established Nonprofits. Grants and donations go directly to the partnering nonprofits to fund the project. This allows BE to be free from the limits of budgets and the time cost and politics of fund raising.




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