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Marketing and Public Relations:

In 2011, the Abyssinian Development Corporation in Harlem needed assistance on Marketing and Rebranding. Our team of professionals provided advice, guidance and possible new looks for the organization. New logos were proposed and possibilities of a brand refresh as well as information on social media and search engine optimization. The presentation can be seen here:




Information Asymmetry Project for NYC:

To provide low income individual’s data on educational resources and guidance to navigate a path to higher paying jobs. Many individuals are not internet savvy to research all educational resources, do not have networks to provide career advice, spot job trends and realize the potential  for higher pay with often reasonable amounts of investment.


To provide small business training and guidance for current and hopeful entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs do not have access to all the education and information available to start or maintain businesses that would provide communities with jobs and prosperity.


To provide information and education on credit and loans. There is a wide variety of credit options provided by many different types of organizations. For both entrepreneurs and employees, learning about credit is essential. Not knowing about credit options can both limit potential growth and also be financially dangerous.




Create a clean, simple and easy to use website that provides information and education on all of the three areas above. Use simple language and symbols to navigate through the various options. Data will be provided in three ways:

1.)    Simple text, ex: lists of schools, credit options, procurement requirements

2.)    Videos… There will be online videos with short clips on everything from “how to write a resume” to “how to write a business plan” or “How to interview”

3.)    Graphical data that shows differences in wages or using Google Maps to display business opportunities


We will partner with SOBRO, an established NGO in the South Bronx to maintain and run the website once complete. SOBRO will provide supplementary assistance for those who have additional questions or help after viewing the website.


A quick presentation on the project can be seen in the below link:

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